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The apple appeared for the first time some 10 years ago. It was then a part of a composition called "Table with apple" which I had produced especially for a furniture exhibition in the gallery "Atelie Botev" I participated in together with some other colleagues. The apple turned out to be interested in the product, so I started to work on this idea and to develop it in different shades and forms. Thus, the apple became an independent product which goes well in different compositions depending on the taste and interior design of art connoisseurs.

table with apple

Table with apple

Material: elm. Dimensions: 96cm ×32cm. Sold.
table with pear

Table with pear

Material: beech. Dimensions: 84cm ×38cm. Sold.
round cube table

Round cube table

Material: elm. Dimensions: 72cm ×42cm. Sold.

The making of one such apple is a long process which requires a lot of thinking and even more work. As an author and as a " craftsman" I can assure all connoisseurs that each apple is different from all others, as each one is made by hand with all due indulgence, diligence, patience and skill.

artist Teodor Dukov
sculpted wooden apples
wooden apple - stage
table with apple
sculpted apples and gold - view

The exquisite design of the apple is achieved with contemplation, deep feeling and flair for forms. My extensive experience as a sculptor enables me to shape wood in the designed form. I have produced more than 40 sculptures of different sizes, and each of them has been successfully sold to art collectors and connoisseurs.

sculpture Piligrim


Material: lime-tree. Dimensions: 64cm ×46cm. Sold.
Girl with sticks - detail

Girl with sticks

Material: lime-tree. Dimensions: 78cm ×48cm ×18cm. Sold.
Girl with sticks

Girl with sticks

Two ladis

Two ladies

Material: lime-tree. Dimensions: 162cm ×160cm ×12cm. Sold.
sculpture "Happy Isis"

Happy Isis

Material: lime-tree, aluminium. Dimensions: 260cm ×70cm ×35cm. Sold.
apple in hand

Production process

The production of the red apple comprises several different stages. Before sculpting begins, the wood has to be divided into pieces which are then glued together in order to avoid the tension and to prevent possible cracking. After the material is prepared for work, it has to be turned on a lathe and then shaped by hand so as to acquire the perfect form of the apple. The sculpture is finished with sandpaper to make the shape soft and round. Before the colour is laid on, the surface has to be polished with ground coat so as to smooth the absorption process. The ground coat is then ground and the red water colour is laid on the surface in the appropriate manner. Then again the apple is covered with ground coat, finished with sandpaper and polished. The stalk and the bottom are made by hand, coloured and polished in advance. They are pasted together with the apple after it is finished.

sculpting an wooden apple
sculpting an wooden apple
sculpting an wooden apple

The sculpting of the black, white and green apples is the same as described above, but the colour is laid in a different manner. A special paint is used which is then ground with fine grit sandpaper and polished with three different polish suspensions in order to achieve perfect smoothness and luminosity.

black and white apples
polishing an apple
polished black apple

The special feature of the bitten apples are the nests covered with 23 carat gold.

apple - covered with 23 carat gold
white apple - stage
black apple - stage

The making of the golden and the silver apple requires particular preciseness. The process of laying the gold and silver is complex and needs preparation. The surface of the sculpture is covered with ground coat two times in a row – first with bone-glue which must afterwards be ground, and next with polyment. After the sculpture is ready, the 23 carat golden (or palladium, silver) foil is laid piece by piece on the surface of the scilpture. The golden apple is polished with agate and then varnished.

proces the laying the gold
polishing the golden apple with agate
palladium apple - stage
golden apple - stage

The long and complex production process guarantees that the sculpture will keep its beauty and brilliance for a long time. The appearance of defects and deformations is almost excluded if the apple is maintained and stored properly.

red apple

Instructions for storage:

  1. The apple should not be held at the stalk as it could easily be damaged.
  2. The apple must not stand in direct sunlight.
  3. To maintain the brilliance of the sculpture it is enough to wipe it with a dry towel.

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